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Level 2 & 3 Photoshop Tutorials August 29, 2007

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Advanced Photoshop  Illustrator Tutorials

Above are the new project sheets. Your assignment is to complete 4 Illustrator and 4 Photoshop tutorials, due this Friday. Please share the books, there is only one copy of each. For final color printing, place all 4 projects on one Illustrator page.

Remember, you can click on the links inside of the PDF file, you don’t need to type in the links.

Have Fun!
-MR. P


Photoshop Extra Credit Assignment! July 11, 2007

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Click the link below and complete the tutorrial using a picture of your own. Action shots work best, but any photograph will do.

This is worth up to 5 points.


When you finish, use the picture in your collage!

Its been a great session. Have a great summer!
-Mr. P

Photoshop Collage Project July 10, 2007

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The project is to scan  pictures of yourself, your family, and friends, to create a digital collage of you and your background. Many of us have different countries of origin besides the United States. Our goal this week it to explore our cultural diversity by creating an “About Me” collage detailing our lives as much a possible.

Your collage must be exactly 8 inches high by 10 inches wide. The resolution should  be 300dpi.

To print your project:
1. Save your work as a jpg file
2. Open Illustrator and “Place” your picture onto an Illustrator Document.
3. Ctrl-P to print to the color printer.
4. Raise your hand for final approval before printing

Adobe Illustrator July 2, 2007

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Here is our section on Adobe Illustrator. To begin, there were a few concepts we went over in class. Make sure you can identify and explain the list of terms below:

  • Vector (A line shape or curve created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator)
  • Path (A path is the general outline of an object)
  • Fill and Stroke (The fill is the inside of a shape or curve, the stroke is outside of a line, shape, or curve.)
  • For a deeper explanation of these concepts please click this link: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/vectordrawingbasics/a/drawingterms.htm

Here is your next assignment.
(Worth 10 Points) Due Wednesday, Sept. 20th.

Basic Scene Composition

I would like you to try to follow the tutorial on line. But if you need to print it out, please see me first. I may already have a copy for you.

For this assignment, in the past, many of my students have made the mistake of creating a poster instead of following the project. Please follow the directions in the book!!! Don’t make a poster! You will loose points if you do so.

Good luck and please let me know if you have any questions. Remember, before you raise your hand, consult your neighbor.

-Mr. P

Summer School 2007 Week 1 – PowerPoint College Project June 25, 2007

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Project Goal: Your goal is to make a 10-15 slide presentation about a college, university, or trade school using PowerPoint. Using Word, you will produce an outline of your presentation. 

Daily Assignments:


1.    Use Word to create an outline of the presentation
2.    Using the Internet as a research tool
3.    PowerPoint Basics (templates, slide master, shapes, word art)
4.    Using the Internet (downloading pictures, cutting text, research)
Rough Draft of Outline Due

1.    Review of Monday (word, PPT, internet, folders)
    2.    PowerPoint Techniques (fonts, colors, photo adjustments, using clipart gallery and online gallery)
3.  More PowerPoint (charts and graphs)


    1.    Work Day
    2.    Final Questions
    3.    Print “handouts” to the color printer, 4 per page.

Final Presentations Due

Thursday: You may present your presentation for extra credit!

30 Point Project: 10 points for your outline and 20 points for the presentation. Up to 5 extra credit points earned for presenting your presentations on Thursday.

Have a Great Summer! Here a few dates to remember. June 11, 2007

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Summer Schol Starts June 21st 2007 8am-1pm

Last day to use old class computers July 16, 2007 – 8am.

Class Phone Number 510-293-2952

Mr. P’s email – gapipkin@yahoo.com

Burger Queen Website April 22, 2007

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There is a new restaurant opening up next month here in the bay area called Burger Queen.  They have the same menu as Burger King, but everything is now low carb. The owners of Burger Queen has asked us to create a small web site (8-10 pages) with an animated introduction showing pictures of food, employees, and people enjoying a good burger.
The color scheme of the web site will be up to you, but it should be warm and inviting to potential customers. Remember your audience!

Before you begin, take a look at this great website for tutorials!

Dowload the Project Sheet Here. You can complete the assignment alone or with a partner.
Partner Website

Level 2 Flash Website April 17, 2007

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The next project is to create a website for your new record label using Flash. Create the name, logo, and designs for your new label using Illustrator, but then transfer those into a flash document. You’ll then choose popular artist to sign to your label. You need a minimum of 5 artists. They can be bands, groups, or solo artists. Your website will contain music of songs from your label.

Before designing your site please answer the following questions using complete sentences, and turn them into the basket.

  1. Where did you get the inspiration for your design? (include websites)
  2. Who is the target audience for your website? (Age, sex, race)
  3. What color scheme will your site use?
  4. How will your design reach your audience?
  5. Create a site map showing the pages and links of your website using Illustrator.

This project is due Friday, April 27th. Those of you working on computers without sound will have an opportunity to use another computer with speakers to input you music. On Monday you will be able to bring in your CDs from home to use in the project. We will be meeting daily to review our progress.

Please Read Over Spring Break! Extra Credit! April 4, 2007

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I know you’re all going to South Beach for MTV Spring Break, but please read this link over break.


Write a one page responce for extra credit. Up to 5 points.

-Mr. P

Your Dream Job! March 12, 2007

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This week we will be starting our animation unit. Next week we will be using Adobe ImageReady, but for the next few days we will be using PowerPoint for the last time this year.

What is your dream job? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you could choose the location, people, and type of place you work, what would it look like? Using graphics and animation, answer these questions and more.

Here is the new project sheet:

 Dream Job Project

-Mr. P

PS. Look for a quiz in the next week or so.

Sports Card Project! March 7, 2007

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Here you go. This is going to be a short project this week. The sports card project will help us understand the entire production process. There are many jobs and positions in the graphics industry besides design. There are cutters, binders, printers, and many others. Here is the new project file. Be sure to get the CD with the Quark layout on it. Thursday is my birthday, so I’ve given you this as a gift.

-Mr P

Here are some links to sport card websites you might find helpfull. Don’t be afraid to use these for inspiration.



Newsletter Project “What is the digital divide”? February 27, 2007

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The digital divide is the gap between those with regular, effective access to digital technologies and those without. The term digital divide refers to those who can benefit from it, and those who don’t, as opposed to just talking about who has direct access to technology, and those who don’t.

Project Sheet

Extra points will be given to those using charts, graphs and diagrams in their newsletter.

Those of you wanting to work with a partner, see me for details.

Don’t forget, this is your assignment. Write all the articles. Please don’t insult yourself by cutting and pasting text from the internet.

-Mr. P

Virtual Computer Project February 20, 2007

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For the next few days you will try to build the computer of your dreams. Your mission is to search the internet looking for the best, parts you can find to build your dream machine.

Here is the new project sheet.

Building a Computer

New Students Group Project January 30, 2007

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Your goals are to create 2 of these projects a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation and one of the following using QuarkXPress,  a 2 sided color newsletter  or a 2 sided color brochure.


The topic of your projects is: “What is the most important issue today, for the Future of California?”


Here are the steps to take to complete the assignment

  1. Working with your group, decide on a topic
  2. Decide what sections of the project each member of the group is responsible for
  3. Each member of the group should research the topic, saving any information or pictures which support your topic. Good places to start would be Google or Yahoo.
  4. To save your work create a folder on your desktop and name it “your name”. This folder you will use to save all your work in during the semester.
    1. Inside the folder with your name, create another folder and call it “Future Project”
    2. Inside the Future Project Folder, create 2 other folders. Call one “Pictures”, and one “Files”.
  5. Those of you working on the PowerPoint presentation should begin creating supporting topics for each slide in the presentation.
    1. Find pictures and supporting text for your slides
    2. Create a background for your slides
    3. Add slide transitions and animation to your slides
  6. For the newsletter, the process is similar.
    1. Instead of slide topics you will come up with article topics
    2. Each member of the group should help write 2 articles for the newsletter
    3. Find pictures to place in the newsletter from the internet.
  7. The brochure is similar to the newsletter but instead of opinion articles, the brochure should contain factual information.


Each day we will meet as a group to learn the software and discuss ideas and review the projects.


Have fun!

-Mr. P

Examples of Good Newsletter Design January 24, 2007

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Check out this site for great examples. Also look at their other products.


To create your newsletter use QuarkXPress. We will be covering the basics in class.

-Mr. P